Where Everyone Thrives

Teachers keep a close watch on children’s learning in lessons, so that they can give them the support they need and give them additional challenges when they are ready for them. The school leaders meet with each teacher every half term to discuss children’s learning and progress. Sometimes additional support is then provided for individual children, or in small groups, to help move their learning on more quickly.

For children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), we provide tailored provision to take account of their individual needs. The school has an experienced SEND co-ordinator who works with parents and different agencies to support these children to achieve the best they can and to help them access a broad and balanced curriculum alongside other children.

As with all other schools, we receive some additional money through the Pupil Premium Grant which we use to make additional provision for the pupils who are eligible for this funding.

Some of our children have specific talents and we are pleased to work with parents to enable them to take advantage of opportunities to develop their skills, such as taking part in competitive events at a higher level.

The curriculum develops pupils into well-rounded citizens and is a strength of the school’s work. In particular, pupils learn about other people from a range of cultures and lifestyles in a sensitive yet critical way. Leaders skillfully ensure that these opportunities support the development of a cohesive school community where members respect and value one another. Additionally, leaders’ work with parents and other carers ensures that children and pupils receive the wraparound support that they need. Ofsted 2018

At Sandlings, we aim for each child to thrive in all aspects of their education and to help them become well-rounded citizens. With this in mind, we have planned a rich, well-balanced curriculum and encourage children to aspire to excellence in all that they do.