About the School

Welcome to Sandlings Primary School, a vibrant learning community uniquely positioned within the beautiful local surroundings of Sutton Heath. Our location is not only scenic but also an invaluable educational resource. Students regularly explore the nearby forest, heathland, river, and coastline, enriching their learning with real-world experiences. Historical sites like Sutton Hoo, Orford Castle, and Framlingham Castle are conveniently nearby, offering further opportunities for engaging educational visits facilitated by our own school mini-bus.

At Sandlings, we celebrate a diverse community that includes families from both service and civilian backgrounds, as well as children who have lived overseas and those from various Commonwealth nations. This mix enriches our school with a variety of cultures and beliefs, fostering an environment of mutual respect and shared learning.

Our relationship with the local Sandlings Play Group, located just across from the school, ensures a seamless transition for children entering from nursery. Collaborative initiatives with other local schools also allow us to participate in exciting joint projects that enhance our students’ educational experiences.

Sandlings boasts more space than many schools, featuring extensive facilities that support a broad and engaging curriculum. Our school includes five large class bases, a book room, arts room, nurture room, computer suite, teaching kitchen, and a spacious hall. The corridor is lined with various resource areas, enhancing the learning environment. Our on-site kitchen staff prepare delicious, freshly cooked meals daily, contributing to a nurturing school day experience.

Our grounds are equally impressive, with two playgrounds, astro turf, playing fields, a school garden, and a delightful Early Years woodland garden, providing ample space for physical activity and outdoor learning.

At the heart of our school’s ethos is the recognition of each child’s uniqueness. We value and nurture the individual personality and talents of every student, ensuring that all feel included, respected, and inspired to achieve their best. Join us at Sandlings Primary, where every day is an opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in a supportive and dynamic environment.