Sandlings is Unique

Sandlings is a unique school for many reasons. First has to be the outstanding local area in which our school is situated. We are able to use our great location as a resource for teaching and often make visits to the nearby forest, heathland and river, as well as to the coast which is just a short drive from the school. Several sites of historical interest are also close-by, such as Sutton Hoo, Orford Castle and Framlingham Castle (featured in Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle on the Hill’) so we are able to make use of these to support learning. We are pleased to have a school mini-bus which makes it easier to make these visits.

The Sutton Heath community is mixed, with service and civilian families. We are also very pleased to have children who live in surrounding villages and towns. Some of our children have lived overseas and we have several children originally from different commonwealth countries. We are pleased to share and celebrate the range of cultures and beliefs within our school community.

The local playgroup and wrap around childcare (Sandlings Play Group) is just opposite the school, so we are able to have strong links with them to support the children as they move from nursery into the school. We also work well with other schools locally to take part in exciting joint projects.

Our school is more spacious than many other schools, with great facilities, so we are able provide a very good environment for learning. We have five large, well-resourced class bases, a book room, arts room, nurture room, computer suite, teaching kitchen and large hall, as well as a wide corridor with different resource areas. We also have a kitchen on the premises and our cook provides us with delicious, freshly cooked meals each lunchtime. Outside, in our extensive grounds, we have two playgrounds, astro turf, playing fields, a school garden and the wonderful Early Years woodland garden.

And, of course, most important of all, our school is unique because each of our children is unique. We value every child and their individual personality and talents.