Performance Data

Performance data continues to sit at the heart of the accountability framework for  schools and end of year statutory data  can provide a reliable and accessible source of comparative information on pupil attainment and progress but it must be remembered that data from statutory tests do not give the whole picture of the progress and learning journey of every child over time.

SInce the March 2020 covid lockdown we have continued to prioritise children’s progress, but national comparisons and SAT data is not available for 19/20

It is important to note that when looking at end of term statutory data for KS2 in 2023 that a negative progress score does mean that pupils did not make any progress between KS1 and KS2; it means children have made less progress than other pupils nationally solely based on the results of the SATS test taken in May. Writing progress demonstrates what pupils can do when course work is assessed over time and accuracy is assessed with other local schools. The DFE publish confident intervals that take into account points such as how long pupils have been at the school and the size of the cohorts. This indicates that progress is not statistically significant from the National Picture for 2023.

Performance data and latest SAT results for our school can be viewed by clicking on the following links.